Achieving excellence in the industry

In 1983, having already gained valuable experience in the textile sector, Angelo Piazza founded the company Nastrificio Assi along with his wife, Giancarla Assi, specialising in the production of industrial textiles.
Even back then, the textiles were made of synthetic fibres mainly for the rubber industry, and were also used in a number of others sectors including rotating printing rollers, pressing rollers for the food industry, shaped rubber sleeves, ribbed and trapezoidal belts for the transfer of energy inside engines.   
Today, the sectors representing the current and potential markets of the business are companies which produce rubber tubing designed to withstand high or medium pressures, and can be split into three groups: companies which produce industrial tubing for cleaning and drainage, for food, for hydrocarbons and for chemical solvents; companies which produce hydraulic tubing such as that used in hydraulic cleaners, oil pipes and tubing for the automotive industry; and in the production of tubing for the channelling of oil and gas, such as that used in the petroleum industry. 
Depending on what the textile will be used for, or on the specific needs of the client, it will be made of either natural or synthetic fibres.

The hard work and passion of the founders Angelo and Giancarla has been passed down to their children, who are the current partners of the business, and who continue to breathe new life into a tradition dedicated to hard work and respect for quality.